Equity Diversity and Inclusion at UCL

Diversity at UCL and the University of Utah

Below is a snapshot of UCL staff demographics from September 2021. Click here to see the larger demographic makeup of the university’s staff.


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UCL EDI Committee Members

The #shutdownacademia movement brought up some difficult questions about higher ed, and pushed me to rethink some of my views about my school and my job. We created this group after looking for ways to effect change in the office, and I hope that our efforts will push our office further in that direction. In particular, I want to participate in this committee in order to act as a support for co-workers who don’t always feel comfortable with the University of Utah’s approach to Race/Class/Gender issues.

The tragic murder of George Floyd heightened my awareness of my personal societal privileges (including Whiteness). My sorrow and that of my community which resulted from the event, combined with confronting blatant inequities, made me ask myself what I could do on an institutional level to push an anti-racist agenda. I hope to establish this committee to serve the students, staff, and faculty of UCL in understanding the problems we face and finding ways to make incremental and continuous improvements in our operations, policies, and thoughtfulness when it comes to serving our community and those less privileged.

Moved by the racial protests which began in summer of 2020, I was convicted to go beyond words and make a difference with actions. As part of this committee, I hope to help uncover where our organization has unconscious bias and increase access for BIPOC. Working in Marketing, I promise to faithfully represent those we serve and ensure that all people groups sense that they will be welcomed in our programs.


I recognize my privilege as a cisgender, heterosexual, white person, and my goal is to foster and support a diverse and inclusive community by celebrating our differences and building an empathetic culture. As an HR professional, I also have positional privilege to leverage my role to advance opportunities for historically marginalized, disenfranchised and oppressed peoples and advocate for systemic change through policies and practices inclusive of all peoples.


Interested in Joining Us? Here's How

Write a short (250-300 word) statement of interest and get your supervisor’s approval to serve on the committee. Email your statement to the current committee chair and cc your supervisor.

The committee consists of seven members:

  • one from Digital Learning Experiences & Digital Learning Technologies

  • one from Programs

  • one from Administration and Operations

  • three at large

  • one ad hoc from HR

Committee members serve three-year terms on a staggered basis beginning January 1. Two members (one from Digital Learning, Programs, or Admin & Ops and one at large) will rotate off the committee each year.

Each committee member dedicates 5% of their employment effort to research and learning, meeting and collaborating, and taking action toward the charge. This is to be reflected on the committee members’ performance evaluation in UUPM with tactical and strategic goals. A representative from University Human Resources serves as an ad hoc member for purposes of acting as a subject matter expert on university policies and processes.